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Customizing IKEA

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I am moving into a new space and realized that I needed more storage and counter space in my bathroom.  I wanted something affordable, but didn’t want it to be cookie-cuttter.  Off to IKEA I went to search for a chest, shelving, or storage.  I found an affordable shelving option that would fit into the space nicely.  Then I needed to find bins to hide all of my stuff.  The bin I zeroed in on was the most expensive.  After adding up the total cost for 4 of them, I realized the bins would cost almost double the price of the shelving unit itself. So, I decided to get creative with the cheapest version.  I bought the cheaper bins and decided to use paint and a stencil to customize them.  I got the idea from this original pin on Pinterest:

original bin pin

Original pin inspiration

        the products

the shelf  and bins – ready for assembly

starting assembly

the shelf assembly begins

it's always the last screw

It’s always the last screw that gives you trouble

shelf assembled

The shelf assembled and put in place

aqua shimmer paint

Adding aqua shimmer paint with a stencil

aqua shimmer paint complete

Aqua shimmer paint complete

adding bronze shimmer paint

Adding bronze shimmer paint on top

bronze shimmer paint complete

Completed look

my helper

Little helper supervising the drying process

finished shelvingfinal in the space

The final shelving in the space

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