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Monthly Archives: December 2015

Weekly Photo Challenge:  Now that is cute!

My sister’s adorable cat Sweetpea. Merry Christmas to you and yours….
Weekly Photo Challenge:  Now


Weekly Photo Challenge: A Gathering Under Water

At first glance this appears to be just another tunnel enticing people to walk through. But in reality it is the Alter Elbtunnel in Hamburg that runs under the river Elbe- once used by workers to reach their jobs in the port and now mostly a tourist destination. 
Weekly Photo Challenge:  Gathering 

Weekly Photo Challenge: Oops! (in Prague)

I was so excited to get a quick shot of the fireworks that I stumbled upon in Prague that I failed to realize I was focused on nothing in particular.  If you squint a bit, you can imagine how beautiful it was!


River Vltava, Prague

Weekly Photo Challenge:  Oops!

A Cactus for Christmas

The Christmas season always inspires me to dip into my craftiness arsenal in order to make gifts for family and friends.  Pinterest is where I go first to look through my endless list of DIY ideas.  I was particularly drawn to a link for mason jar terrariums.  I decided to do my own take on the project and now have three nice gifts I can share with some friends.

original pin

List of items needed:

  1.  Clear glass jars (size according to the plant you are putting inside)
  2. plants
  3. Decorative rocks or sand
  4. Long handled tongs
  5. Piece of paper or magazine page

Prep work

I put some base rocks into the bottom of the jar.  I kept the cactus in the plastic pot it came in to contain the dirt and help retain water.  Using the long handled tongs, I positioned the plant in the center of the jar.  Then I used the magazine page to create a tube around the plant.  This prevents the rocks from piling onto the plant.

rolled magazine

Then simply add the different rocks or sand as you desire to get a layered effect.  When using smaller rocks or sand, you may get some pieces falling into the other layers, but overall I like the finished products.  Happy crafting friends!

2nd completed

1st completed

3rd completed

finished trio


Weekly Photo Challenge: Eye Spy a Stranger in Würzburg

Wurzburg stranger

As I was lining up my shot of the Marienburg Fortress in Würzburg, a stranger walked into the frame with a glance as if to say-

“You looking at me?”

Weekly Photo Challenge: Eye Spy