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Ode to Pretty In Pink

I have loved the movie “Pretty In Pink” since I first saw it 25+ years ago.

pretty in pink

You see as a child, I was in love with fashion design and routinely called my Barbies by the name Andi.  So this movie brought together all of my childhood loves.  It was meant to be.  The only thing about the movie that bothered me was the dress at the end.  I watched the movie last night and it continued to disappoint.  She had all of those great materials and could use them in any way she wanted.  And this is what she decided on?  Really?

the dress

The Dress

So I thought, what would I have done differently?  Here are some ideas I threw together.  And remember, it was the 80’s!

the material list

The fabric list

3 styles

3 ideas

2 styles

two more ideas….

homage to the original

staying truer to her original design- with some slight modifications