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Continuing the Mushroom Theme- a hike in the woods

The conditions have been perfect in the Pacific Northwest to encourage mushroom growth. There were so many to discover on my hike this weekend at Tryon Creek State Park.

Fall foliage in Portland

Fall in Portland – St. John’s Bridge

Fall in Portland 

There is something about walking through the crunchy leaves with a crisp edge to the air. It’s Fall in Portland and it isn’t raining!

A Fall Stroll in Nuremberg

This is my first fall in Nuremberg.  The leaves on the trees change differently here and in a lot of cases, simply fall to the ground to compost without flair.  Here are two photos from my walk today:

Photo Oct 26, 12 48 55 PM

Photo Oct 26, 12 53 16 PM

Photo Of the Day- October 23, 2014


Sauvie Island in the Fall

My friend Georgia and I headed out to Sauvie Island to check out the corn maize at Bella Organic Farm.  We wandered for a while through the corn and then decided to explore the island and its Fall beauty.

lost in the corn maize

the start of the corn maize

scarecrow 1

Mr. Scarecrow

pumpkins in the distance

Pumpkins in the distance

Mount Hood and sheep

Sheep backed by Mt. Hood

the mountains

Mount St. Helens and Mount Adams

burst of color

fiery fields

varying colors

bright landscape

fiery fields

reddish plantings

wildlife preserve

wildlife preserve

Mount St. Helens

Mount St. Helens in the distance

boggy meadow

boggy meadow

Mount Hood and beach

Columbia River with Mount Hood

St. Johns bridge

St. Johns Bridge

Fall is creeping in….

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I took a walk down by the Southwest waterfront and then in my new neighborhood.  What I noticed was that Fall is creeping in.  I know by the dates on the calendar it has technically been here a while, but today I noticed that nature is acknowledging it too.  Here are some of my favorite shots:

sky and skyscrapers

yellow to green

skyline and trees

rusty with clouds

colors transposed

city tree

splash of lavender

delicate pinks and greens

reds to burgundy


burst of pink

backlit burgundy

full fall

love the colors

fall sky