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Stuttgart on a grey day

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Weekly Photo Challenge: A Narrowing Trio

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Linlithgow hall

Linlithgow Palace in Scotland

narrow trees

Würzburg Residence Gardens in Germany

B- La Pedrera 5

La Pedrera in Barcelona, Spain

Weekly Photo Challenge: Narrow

Weekly Photo Challenge: Cherry on Top (Linderhof Palace edition)

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Linderhof Palace

Low cloud cover rolling in, spectacular fall foliage, and the fountain going off at just the right moment….

Linderhof Palace – Ettal, Germany

Weekly Photo Challenge: Cherry on Top

Weekly Photo Challenge: Eye Spy a Stranger in Würzburg

Wurzburg stranger

As I was lining up my shot of the Marienburg Fortress in Würzburg, a stranger walked into the frame with a glance as if to say-

“You looking at me?”

Weekly Photo Challenge: Eye Spy

Hamburg Harmony

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Two interesting buildings I discovered while walking Hamburg….

Brick Building

Tango Towers

Loveliness Above

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Entry and Exit…Heidelberg edition

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I visited Heidelberg, Germany yesterday and took more photos than I ever imagined.  It is a beautiful and energizing city.  I pulled together a few of the photos with the theme of Entry and Exit.

church door

church door2

church door3

library door

hotel window

stained glass

stained glass window

castle gate

garage window

wall entry

castle wall