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Lovely colors


If Castle Walls Could Talk…



A Walk Along the Pegnitz

Walk along the Pegnitz

Nighttime in Nuremberg



Patina and Rust

 patina and rust

floret in rust

Nuremberg Photo of the Day


Random wanderings in Nuremberg

Today I met a friend and her family in the Altstadt (the old city) area of Nuremberg. There was a big Red Bull District Ride that took over the city. In between watching the daredevils launch themselves off of the castle wall and flip across open divides, we also did a bit of a walking tour through the city. Here are some random offerings of the day….

Red Bull ramp

ramp in front of St. Sebaldus Church

Tudor homes

traditional style homes

Red Bull Bike crowd

the crowd for Red Bull District Ride 2014

ice cream and history

Who doesn’t love ice cream and history?

sun and clouds

Sun behind the clouds

castle garden

A lovely garden behind the castle wall

Scenes from the Moat

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I changed up my walk today and decided to see what the castle looked like from down below.  My walk took me through the moat surrounding the castle – which was converted into a walking/biking trail.

the wall above

start of the walk

German crest

metal German Crest in the sky

tower door

door to the tower

under the bridge

under a foot bridge

shadows on the wall

a wall in shadows

under the stone bridge

under the car bridge

an easy rule to follow

a little castle wall humor…..

Simple Beauty in the City

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Sun photo

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St. Lorenz church in the sun – Nuremberg