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Weekly Photo Challenge: Time Squared

Astronomical clock

Prague’s Astronomical Clock – Captures actual time up above + astronomical time down below

Weekly Photo Challenge: Time


Weekly Photo Challenge: Oops! (in Prague)

I was so excited to get a quick shot of the fireworks that I stumbled upon in Prague that I failed to realize I was focused on nothing in particular.  If you squint a bit, you can imagine how beautiful it was!


River Vltava, Prague

Weekly Photo Challenge:  Oops!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Ornate in Prague

Prague is the most ornate city that I’ve had the pleasure to visit so far.  There are architectural details everywhere, lots of sculpture, and gold leafing.  My pick for ornate is the Spanish Synagogue.  If you ever get the chance to visit Prague, don’t forget to look up.

Spanish Synagogue3

Spanish Synagogue1

Spanish Synagogue2

Weekly Photo Challenge: Ornate

Prague:  Day Three = Spanish Synagogue 

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Looking up into a dome at the Spanish Synagogue in Prague 

Prague: Day Two

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St.  Nicholas Church, Prague  

Prague:  Day One

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