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Last Sunshine of 2014



Frosty morning walk

Today is one of those mornings where the crisp, cold air burns each time you inhale.  For Portlanders, this is a rare treat because we are usually zipped into our rain coats and grumbling about the dark, rainy days.  Personally, I welcome the cold, sunny weather.  On my morning walk I discovered some interesting frozen scenes that glistened in the sunshine.  So I had to capture a few of them……

curly tree

frosty leaves

icy leaves

frosty moss

frosty tops

frosty grass

dual spider webs

spider web

Sunny Thanksgiving Day Photos

As I took a walk this morning, I realized how lucky I am to live in such a beautiful place.  The weather today is perfect – most definitely not what we Portlanders are used to on Thanksgiving day.  The intense sun created some interesting shadows and light that provided the perfect opportunity to snap some photos.

The Thanksgiving bit…….Grateful for technology- who knew a little iPhone could capture such fantastic images.  Grateful for my family and friends.  Grateful for the endless opportunities ahead.  Happy Thanksgiving!



cement shadow


sign shadow

sun trails

The sun with a plane trail (there is a weird sunspot that happened, but I like it!)