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A long walk on Long Beach

In honor of summer winding down, I headed to the coast with Dana and her dog Dodger again.  This time we went to Long Beach, Washington.  It was my first visit to Long Beach.  Despite the forecast for the day, we had the most amazing weather- summer is here to stay in the Pacific Northwest.  Here are some photos along the way.

Clark and the sturgeon

Clark with his first sight of a sturgeon and the Pacific

road to the beach

cars can drive on the beach here


the shoreline

sea grass

a wave of sea grass

washed sea grass

sea grass in the surf

crab carnage

the amount of crab carnage on the beach was impressive

crashing waves

waves crashing

flounder carving

flounder carving on the monument

Clarks end of the line tree

tree symbolizing the end of Clark’s adventure to the Pacific

little dodge

Little Dodger “noses” into the photo on the Discovery Trail

Astoria Bridge

Crossing the bridge to Astoria

fallen pier

We stopped in Astoria for some food and drinks and discovered this abandoned pier


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