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Decorative Letters

While exploring Pinterest, I came across a lot of different ideas for making decorative letters .  Michael’s Crafts has wooden finished and unfinished versions for a few dollars, so I picked up some letters to try my hand at making my own.  I decided to wrap them in variegated yarn and decorate with felt and buttons.

button letter twine letter

The original inspiration pins

letter c prep letter o prep

Letter prep with materials

letter c ends letter c yarn wrap start letter o yarn wrap start

First, I covered the exposed ends of the letter “C” and then began the wrap.  With “O”, wrapping presented its own challenges- pushing the yarn length through the tiny center opening

letter c yarn wrap complete letter o yarn wrap complete

The completed yarn wrapped letters

letter c ready for bow letter o ready for bow

After adding the decorative buttons and felt

letter c complete letter o complete

The completed letters “C” and “O” – the decorative bow acts as the hanger


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  1. Nice! So who is C O ?

  2. those turned out better than the pinterest example!

  3. Kristina J. Patsel

    Did you cut strips of yarn for the exposed ends on the C and glue before wrapping the rest?

    • Yes. I cut them long enough to cover the ends plus a little extra to secure under the “wrapping” area. The start of the wrapping is a little tricky but once you get it secured the rest goes smoothly. When in doubt, use a little more glue on the backside of the letter. Good luck and enjoy!


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