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Weekly Photo Challenge: Beneath Your Feet- Underground Nuremberg

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Underground Nuremberg

Literally beneath my feet here in Nuremberg lie underground tunnels and cellars.  Without which, the citizens of Nuremberg may not have survived WWII.  During the amazing tour I learned that the cellars had many purposes throughout the centuries. It can be a bit claustrophobic, but extremely interesting and well worth pushing fears aside. 

Weekly Photo Challenge: Beneath Your Feet


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  1. If I am in Germany any time, Nuremberg will be on my list of places to visit!

  2. Wow this is very interesting. I had no idea. In the states there are many tunnels that were part of the Underground Railroad to bring slaves north and into Canada. Sad to think there was a purpose for these but happy that many lives were saved as a result. Nice reminder and photo!


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