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Weekly Photo Challenge: Optimistic (about a return trip)

Oregon Coast

Optimistic that I will make my way back to the Oregon Coast someday….

Weekly Photo Challenge: Optimistic


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  2. Absolutely beautiful.

  3. Love the Oregon coast – headed there this summer and cannot wait. Lovely capture!

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  5. I had the privilege of living on the Oregon Coast for several years. I say privilege because it is just so breathtaking beautiful and powerful.
    Stunning post. Thank you.

  6. I left Australia in the late 90’s and came to live in your country. I stayed around 10 years and came home when my Mum became ill. The last trip I made was a road trip from Portland to vancouver, and I have to say that I have a strong desire to return to return to the area, especially the Oregon coast. Such beauty in so many places – I especially loved Cannon Beach, and the rock stacks reminded me of a similar view that you’ll enjoy if ever you drive along Australia’s Great Ocean Road.

    • I lived in Portland for 8 years with many trips to the coast. Whenever I needed a reset, I found myself drawn to the sea air and spectacular views. I’ve been living in Germany for almost 2 years and have been lucky to get 2 trips back in that time. And I always take a trip out to the coast. I dream of making my way to Australia someday. Top of my travel wish list!

      • It’s interesting how humans love to go elsewhere. I think one of the best things one can do is to live life in a foreign land. It opens the mind to new ways of doing things.

      • It has certainly opened my eyes in a way that simple holidays never could. You gain a greater appreciation for what you took for granted at home. Wonderful life lessons indeed. And reignited my desire to travel as much as possible.

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