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Fairy Garden: Part II

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Once you get started on creating this small world, it’s really hard to stop. Here you see the progression.

Creating some pathway lanterns
Every garden needs an arch – made using sticks, beads, and wire
The arch added to the garden
The pathway lanterns put in place
A fancy chair for the fairies
Progress so far…

Fall foliage in Portland

Fall in Portland – St. John’s Bridge

Stillness in light and shadow

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Blue Sky Portland

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The lovely shades of green and blue on a sunny Portland morning…

A Stroll in Portland

Fall in Portland 

There is something about walking through the crunchy leaves with a crisp edge to the air. It’s Fall in Portland and it isn’t raining!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Supportive Partners

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Tilikum Crossing, Portland, Oregon 

Weekly Photo Challenge: Partners

City Lights

Looking up in Portland…

Rainy Dayz

In Portland, we are experiencing storms that we don’t normally see until November.  As I was watching the storm outside the window, I noticed how interesting the rain patterns were on the glass.  You can begin to see a different world when you start looking at the rain instead of the objects outside.

rain 1

rain 2

rain 3