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Blue Sky Portland

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The lovely shades of green and blue on a sunny Portland morning…

A Stroll in Portland

Fall in Portland 

There is something about walking through the crunchy leaves with a crisp edge to the air. It’s Fall in Portland and it isn’t raining!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Supportive Partners

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Tilikum Crossing, Portland, Oregon 

Weekly Photo Challenge: Partners

City Lights

Looking up in Portland…

Rainy Dayz

In Portland, we are experiencing storms that we don’t normally see until November.  As I was watching the storm outside the window, I noticed how interesting the rain patterns were on the glass.  You can begin to see a different world when you start looking at the rain instead of the objects outside.

rain 1

rain 2

rain 3

Cloud City

When people think of Portland, they think rain.  But in actuality it should be clouds.  We have many cloudy days – some with rain and some without.  Over the course of the day, you can see the beautiful clouds change and morph.  Don’t get me wrong, all of that cloudiness can get you down.  But on a day like today, the right mixture of brightness and clouds and make you look up and appreciate nature’s beauty.  Some of my favorites:

cloud 1

cloud 2

cloud 3

      cloud 5

cloud 6

cloud 7

cloud 8

cloud 9

cloud 4

cloud 11

cloud 10

Scenes from a walk…

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I recently moved into a new neighborhood in Portland – the North Mississippi neighborhood.  Yesterday I took a walk to explore and see what I could find.

rosey bee

Discovered the Peninsula Rose Garden and a happy bee

pillars of light

Beautifully aged concrete pillars

rose and rock

The soft against the hard

mossy pillars

Aged, mossy pillars up close

graffitti door

Graffiti garage door