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Neskowin Ghost Forest

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An up-before-dawn excursion to Neskowin Ghost Forest at the Oregon Coast led to some beautiful photo opportunities. The Ghost Forest is an amazing grove of trees unearthed in the late 90s and can only be seen at low tide. Well worth the early morning alarm to see them.


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  1. Wow! What a photo. How cool is that Ghost Forest? There’s something you don’t see everyday.Can you walk through those stumps to the water out front, or is it too deep?

    I’ve always wondered what it might be like to near at the beach. Its nice in winter when its cool, but with all the humidity I wonder if people get tired of it and feel like they are sweating all the time…?

    • Yes, during low tide you can walk through the trees. The water comes up to calf/knee area. The Oregon Coast is not very humid. Quite nice in the summer. Rainy and much cooler in the winter.

      • Not knowing if you live on the Oregon Coast or just visited Neskowin, I will ask:

        Which town do you like better— Newport, Oregon or Florence, Oregon. Why? And—what do you think of the small town of Yachats, Oregon? Any info appreciated. 😁

      • I live in Portland so I get to the Oregon Coast often. I really like Newport. I haven’t been to Florence yet but I am going in 3 weeks. They have amazing sand dunes that you can drive dune buggies on. Yachats is nice. It is quite beautiful with many hikes in the area. The Sea Lion Caves is between Yachats and Florence. It is a very interesting spot with hundreds of wild sea lions.

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